When it comes to effective ingredients in your hair care - size matters! The size of the ingredient molecule will determine whether it is able to pass through the hair cuticle. This is particularly important when we are looking for products that repair and moisturize hair from the inside out. Below are some of Mop's favorite ingredients for healthy, happy hair, and the products we love to use!

Hydrolyzed Protein: This small but might molecule can penetrate the hair and work from the inside out. These ingredients truly repair and restore your hair's integrity (and are amazing for curls!). Try Moroccan Curl Define Cream which contains hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.

Glycerin: The size of the glycerin molecule allows it to penetrate the hair, and that's when it becomes the star of the show. Glycerin is a humectant (think: moisture magnet) that draws water into the cuticle, so look for this hair superfood as one of the first ingredients if you're looking for moisture. L'Oréal Professionnel Curl Expression uses for increased shine, flexibility and strength.

Ceramides: Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids (oils) and are also found in our skin and hair cultcles. Ceramides bond together the layers of hair shaft keeping them smooth or flat. Oils with high concentrations of ceramides include grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, and sunflower oil. Try Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intensive Mask, which uses a proprietary blend of ceramides to tames curls and coils and add instant shine and softness to your hair.